One platform to secure all your websites.

Backup & Restore in ONE CLICK.

30,000 websites are hacked every day. Over 10 thousand sites are lost due to broken Backup files.

  • 14-Day Risk Free Trial

  • Unlimited Features

Eezy peezy Dashboard

Backup all your websites, irrespective of the hosting provider, in one simple and easy to use dashboard. Just enter your FTP details and we start.

Works on all your devices

User Panel works seamlessly on every device. No need to download special software. Our website runs smoothly on all your favourite devices.

Stay connected on the move

Backup & Restore on the go. Quickly connect using a smartphone. It works perfectly whether you are travelling or in a business meeting or clubbing with your buddies.

Email alerts

Relax, and grab a coffee. We alert you every time a backup/restore is initiated or completed.

Military Grade Protection

Our servers are securely based in Germany, end to end encrypted.

  • Your data is safe.

Backup On Demand

Create backups with one click. Anywhere, Anytime. Manage everything in the easy to use Admin Panel.

Restore On Demand

Recreate your website exactly like you left it, with one-click restore. Choose from up to 30 backup versions for easy recovery.

Schedule for later

Running Late? Schedule for Auto Backup or Restore with one click.

Auto-Pilot Mode

Relationship Manager takes care of periodic Backup/Restore.

Dedicated Personal
Relationship Manager

Lost a file? Errors in your Site? Your help is one chat away. Quickly connect to your Manager on Phone.

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Any site, Any size, ONE PRICE

Unlimited WebSites & Usage