How does the Backup/Restore function work ?

When you signup, you provide us your FTP details. Our software starts the functions with FTP access.

What Payment plans do you offer ?

We have a single pricing, irrespective of the size, content or type of the website. Billing cycles are monthly, semi-annually (6 months) and annually. Monthly billling amounts to 29$. Semi Annual billing amounts to 178$ and Annual billing amounts to 361$.

Should I pay for Dedicated Personal Relationship Manager ?

No this service is totally free, provided to every customer.

Do you check the contents of my website/database ?

No. As a security protocol, we donot check the contents of your websites or databases.

Can I cancel my Subscription ?

Yes. You can cancel it anytime you wish. Just send us a quick mail or inform your relationship manager, and we cancel your subscription. Bills already paid cannot be returned or re-imboursed.

Where is your service you based ?

We are based in Lille, FRANCE. Our servers are securely based in Munich, GERMANY.

Can I change my Hosting company ?

Yes. You are free to change your hsoting companies. Just backup your data before doing so, and inform us about the change, so we restore your files to the new backup.

Where is my data stored ?

Your data is stored securely in our Private servers based in Munich, GERMANY.

How do I view my backups ?

Your backup history is shown in the User Panel.

How long can backups be stored ?

There is no limit to the time duration. It can be stored as long as you have an account with us.

How do I change/cancel my subscription ?

You can send us a quick mail or inform your Relationship Manager. They would do it for you.

How do I Backup/Restore my website ?

Login to the User Panel, and these functions are available there. Just click on the button next to it.

Do you have questions ?

Need to change/remove subscription?